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 Team Legacy!! New Homocide Pkz clan!

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PostSubject: Team Legacy!! New Homocide Pkz clan!   Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:03 pm

So yeah, This is a new Homocide Pkz clan!!! You will need to fill out an application in order to join! and I would have to accept it.


1.) Do not backstab a member of the clan.

2.) When a high rank tells you to do something, do it.

3.) Never disrepect anyone in the clan.

4.) Try your best to come to clan pking trips.

5.) Do not flame other clans.

6.) Have fun!

Simple rules, and your experience in this clan will be a blast!


Good Tanking Skills
Good Hybrid Skills
Good Chilling Skills
Must Come To Events
Must Be Respectful
Must Be Humorous

Here it is:

Clan Application-


First name:


Will you follow all of the clan's rules?

Do you meet all the clan's requirements?

There must not be one month or more inactivity, understand?

How long have you been PKing for?

Rate yourself as a PKer, 1-10 : (10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.)

Will you try your best at coming to wars and clan events?

Screenshot of your gear / Inventory :

Why should we accept you?

Is there something you would like to add?

You must use this format if you wish to join TL.

[u] -
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Team Legacy!! New Homocide Pkz clan!
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